Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Buying A Film Camera

I have been shooting digital since late 90's, got very serious around year 2010 and bought my first DSLR during that year.  I have learn a lot using my DSLR and I have produced some pictures that I think are probably presentable over the years.

Link to my 500px

Recently, I have been watching videos on film camera and I had developed some interest in it.  I am working in a Japanese company which gives me a lot of chances to travel to Japan.  I have been to Japan many times (lost count) mainly Tokyo and I discover a way to obtain film camera (or any other item) in a relatively cheap way - Auction.

For the passed two weeks I have been hunting for Canon AE1 Program after seeing this video.

I do not mind whether it is Canon (because I am a Nikon shooter) because the price is relatively cheap compare to other entry level film camera and I own mostly G lenses it will not work in older Nikon anyway.

I live in Malaysia, a decent AE1 P cost around USD160, in ebay mint condition ones sell around USD199.  In Japan, I am able get it at USD80 (the amount I am bidding) with 50mm 1.4 S.S.C lens! (I am bidding in the auction while I writing this... hopefully I can win the bid)

... I lost

But I managed to get another (with 50mm 1.8) from from the Auction by buying outright and I paid total around USD80 + shipping to my Japan address.

Below are some pictures I took using AE1 Program

Ektar 100 - Gibson Shop Front - Tokyo, Yaesu

Fuji Velvia 50 - Lone Blossom - Malaysia, Genting
You can actually get a really good condition film camera in Japan in a fairly good price, you just need to know where to look.

Good luck hunting...

By the way, it is totally a different experience when you shoot film.  You will think before you shoot and you have to wait for your film to be developed, maybe I'll share in another blog post, thanks for dropping by